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Your mitzvah doesn’t have to last only one day. Let’s give you an exceptional experience by capturing and preserving your most precious moments in a way that’ll showcase how successful you are. Let’s work together to create a legacy that will last for years to come

we are VIP 

we are VIP 

A Mitzvah party only happens once in a lifetime. It’s vital you work with a professional videography company that is there to make your vision a reality. Not only do we serve as preservationists of your moments so you can relive them time and time again, we focus on delivering an emotional video that’ll be your legacy for years to come.



We have every resource to give your special day the
Midas touch.

We place great value in highly trained and experienced employees. We invite only the top talent to join our videography and editing teams. Every moment we capture is unique; from your personal charisma down to every single heartfelt speech, gesture of happiness, and spontaneous dance. We tell your story the way it should be told to reflect your originality.

The b’not of Isabelle and Arielle

The bar mitzvah of Jordan

The concept clip of Dylan

The bat mitzvah of Madison

Logan's Bar Mitzvah

The bat mitzvah of Maya

Legends never die 

Don't you want to
become one?

Don't you want to
become one?



We love adventures and insanely memorable nights, and our highlight videos are no different, they reflect your personality in the most astonishing way.


Concept Clip

Make your wildest dreams come true with the most original way to start your party. A concept clip will reflect just how creative and fun you are. Play this right before grand entrance to get the crowd riled up for the party of the year.



Video Invitation

You want everybody to come and celebrate with you and the best way to make sure nobody misses the party of the year is to create a video invitation. Get everybody’s RSVP with a fun video that will make your guests excited to party with you.


Photo Montage

8-10 minute Photo Montage of 80-120 of your pictures played in order with movement, transitions and music to be played at the event. ​



Meant to be played continuously at the event like a background video. This will be a selection of your most important pictures, randomly organized with no music so your guests will enjoy the ambiance of your party while casually getting familiar with your story.

Long Version

Like nostalgia finding its way back to your body, we want you to feel every single moment of your day when you watch your mitzvah party video. From slipping on your slick kicks and charging through the Grand Entrance to loving speeches and dancing the night away, every moment will be saved for you to relive over and over again.


Short Version

We want you to share your long-lasting legacy through this personal feature film starring your beautiful family! Much like the highlight, this video shines a spotlight on all of the most exciting moments of the night. So grab your friends, pop the popcorn, and enjoy the show!

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At VIP, mitzvah party video production is a prime focus. We’re passionate about this important milestone in your life and we go the extra mile to ensure you have an incredible video that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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Every moment we capture is unique; from your personal charisma down to every single heartfelt speech, gesture of happiness, and spontaneous dance. We tell your story the exact way it should be told to reflect your originality and establish your legacy.


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